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  • How to write the texts for your landing pages, emails and ads faster (say "goodbye" to writer's block)
  • How to use my "rain-sunshine formula" to get to the heart of the value of your offers so that they sell better than the latest iPhone
  • How to find exactly the words that encourage your audience to buy

Too few people sign up on your landing pages?
your email list growing slowly?

Is your online business not yet making as much money as you would
like? If you have just nodded internally at least once, I can assure you:

If your products are struggling to sell, it's not because they're not good enough.

It's because your audience doesn't yet realize the value of your offers.
That's exactly what this copywriting workshop is all about: How to communicate the value of your offers in the written word in such a way that your target group wants to buy

... without having to be intrusive or market-screaming. Strong texts make the checkout ring – and in this workshop we make sure that your target group's mouth is watering when they think about your products.

Note: The workshop starts on 14.10. and is only available until 21.10. So sign up now so you don't miss a thing.

You must be present at this workshop if ...

  • You offer online training such as coaching or online courses
  • you want to sell more of your ingenious products without slime and without pressure
  • you have the feeling that you could get a lot more (sales) out of your online business
  • your email list is growing slowly
  • Writing your texts robs you of your nerves because it takes ages (and you don't really know what to write)

Conversions where your jaw drops to the ground

A private invitation from Tim

Lukas Zerger

Give me 60 minutes and I'll show you in 3 videos how to write captivating texts that will make your account and email list overflow.
Because after 7-digit sales, 6-digit launches and working with hundreds of customers, I can assure you

... that the success of your online business has less to do with your product and more to do with your ability to communicate the value of your product.
And you communicate the value of your products with the words on your landing pages, in your emails, your ads – wherever you are in contact with your target
group. Your texts are your digital sales person.

And we both make sure that the cash register rings more often in the

Then sign up here. On strong
lyrics, Lukas

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